On Friday 11 April 2008 11:13:09 Jason Haar wrote:
> So are you saying as I know what all our relays are (ie
> whitelist_bounce_relays), I should pump that score up to 20, and
> effectively blacklist (we block at scores >10) any bounces (which should
> just happen to be 100% forged spam) sent from anyone in the world using
> our domains - which isn't from our relays?

It would also block some messages which you may or may not want to block,
such as:
- some automatic notifications such as calendar/meeting reminders,
notifications from ticketing/PR systems (OTRS), status reports,
job completion reports and similar automatic notifications;
- messages with NOTIFY=NEVER in DSN options, which some upstream MTA
converted to a null return path when the next MTA in chain does not
support DSN;
- mail from senders which happen to have a word 'postmaster' in the
author's name: From: "ICSOFT Secretariat" ;
- message disposition notifications (MDN, RFC 3798);
- out of office replies (alright, no damage there);

Also, the parsing of Received by VBounce.pm is rather simpleminded.
Typically it only sees a HELO name in the Received 'from' subfield,
as it does not examine continuation lines of Received header fields,
and is distracted by parenthesis in a tcp-info field.