Justin Mason wrote:
> There's no problem. SpamAssassin 3.2.x includes the VBounce ruleset which
> is expressly designed to catch backscatter -- and does a good job at it.
> If you have a backscatter problem, you need to start using that ruleset.

....but vbounce scores 0.1 - and there's all this talk about it "not
being a spam detector".

....and the score is 0.1 - and I don't fiddle with SA scores as a rule
'cause you guys
Know Best (TM).

So are you saying as I know what all our relays are (ie
whitelist_bounce_relays), I should pump that score up to 20, and
effectively blacklist (we block at scores >10) any bounces (which should
just happen to be 100% forged spam) sent from anyone in the world using
our domains - which isn't from our relays?

Damn - too many words in that last sentence ;-)


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