I am not a ccache expert...

I came across it in the last few months and just today had some time to
install it on a centos 4.6 box and play for a second or two.

If anyone on the list is familiar with using it?

If so, then the questions would be, is it appropriate to use it, or
something similar, to speedup Justin Mason's sought.cf ruleset SA
compilations ???

If so, how did you specifically implement it?

How much time are you saving?

I have done some rudimentary testing and saved about 4 minutes, yet I just
think that was from doing two compiles in a row even though ccache was
enabled at the start of the script.

I have not yet dug deeply into the sa-compile mechanism(s) to see if
anything can be squeezed out of there...

Thanks in advance for feedback.

- rh