SM wrote:
> >whitelist_from_rcvd now works, but not quite in the manner I have
> >expected. In fact, it works only if the relay is NOT in the
> >trusted_networks list.

> Can you post the debug output?

In this case is trusted so the sender was not

And here is what happens when I remove from the trusted
list, the sender got whitelisted:

> >I wonder if this is by design. In my opinion, whitelisting should
> >always work.

> You can only trust the Received: headers inserted by your mail servers.

The topmost Received: header is always inserted by my mail server.
But if the relay mentioned in this topmost header is in the list of
trusted_networks, whitelist_from_rcvd does not work.

Victor Sudakov, VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN