Vidar Tyldum Hansen> writes:

> I'm just doing a rough summary of my process on 2007:
> - Use LDAP to check the recipients against Exchange/AD
> (remember the proxyAddress attribute)
> - On the SA-machine I use Postfix and header_checks after the message
> is scanned by amavisd-new to map the amavisd-new-headers to the
> SCL-headers Exchange recognizes. (Hint: 'prepend')
> - Define the SA-machine as an internal server (so it trusts the
> SCL-headers)
> - Enable Junk-folder for the users via OWA
> (
> - Define a receive-connector for the SA-machine
> (allow anonymous access, retrict to SA-machine only)
> - Install the antispam agents on the Exchange server
> (
> - Define spam thresholds for Exchange
> (


Thanks to all the responses. It sounds like it shouldn't be any problems
switching over but I guess as with all things, the devil is in the details. So
once the hardware arrives, I'll start tackling the setup and I'm sure I'll have
a bunch of new questions at that time.

Thanks again.