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Henry Kwan:
> Hi,
> Have been running SA on CentOS for a few years now and everything has been
> working great. But the powers that be want to move to Exchange so I am trying
> to plan a SA frontend that feeds the Exchange server.

Been there!

> As I was thinking over how SA works now and how it might work in the my future
> setup, I was wondering how you would feed unmarked spam to the SA frontend?
> Since email is passed through to Exchange, it isn't stored on the SA server
> anymore like it is now. Or would I be limited to just having SA autolearn?

Thought quickly over this and figured IMAP-support on the Exchange might
give me the necessary interface to do this. However, I started out with
autolearning and the results were just fantastic so I didn't give it
more thought.

> Also, if anyone has some good links to setting up a SA frontend to Exchange,
> that would be much appreciated.

I don't have any links, but I could summarize what I did to make this
work (got it running with 2 clients at the moment, one with Exchange
2007 and one with Exchange 2003).

My goal was to have SA fully integrated with Exchange so that the
junk-folder was put to good use. I hate spending time looking for
'missing' emails that actually never was sent.

I'm just doing a rough summary of my process on 2007:
- Use LDAP to check the recipients against Exchange/AD
(remember the proxyAddress attribute)
- On the SA-machine I use Postfix and header_checks after the message
is scanned by amavisd-new to map the amavisd-new-headers to the
SCL-headers Exchange recognizes. (Hint: 'prepend')
- Define the SA-machine as an internal server (so it trusts the
- Enable Junk-folder for the users via OWA
- Define a receive-connector for the SA-machine
(allow anonymous access, retrict to SA-machine only)
- Install the antispam agents on the Exchange server
- Define spam thresholds for Exchange

Some work must go into the thought of translating SA scores to
SCL-levels and if you wish to have a cutoff level.

My only grief is that some users doesn't seem to grasp the idea of a
junk folder and constantly complain about spam in it. One user even made
up a summary of all the dirty words contained in these spams and asked
me to block them. Duh.

Bet there are plenty of ways to do this, but I found this approach gave
me a fully integrated solution.
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