> >>>But back on topic... the OP has been joe-jobbed.

> >mouss wrote:
> >>he's not the only one... seems there's a lot of backscatter coming in
> >>these days.
> >>
> >>Thanks for confirming that spf doesn't fix the problem.

SPF is designed to fix the problem, however as many other standards it works
only if it's implemented.

> Steve Prior wrote:
> >The main problem with SPF is that most other servers out there don't
> >check it even if you set your own records correctly.

On 10.04.08 09:29, mouss wrote:
> The question was whether spammers avoid joe jobbing addresses in domains
> that have SPF set (except with a +all). it seems some of them do and
> some don't.

however some people can make false assumption that SPF is useless - it is
not. It is always good to have SPF (and DKIM, of course) and the more
servers will implement it, the more effe3ctive it will be.

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