Steve Prior wrote:
> mouss wrote:
>>> But back on topic... the OP has been joe-jobbed.

>> he's not the only one... seems there's a lot of backscatter coming in
>> these days.
>> Thanks for confirming that spf doesn't fix the problem.

> The main problem with SPF is that most other servers out there don't
> check it even if you set your own records correctly.

The question was whether spammers avoid joe jobbing addresses in domains
that have SPF set (except with a +all). it seems some of them do and
some don't.

> I've been joe-jobbed since I implemented SPF and maybe it's possible I
> would have gotten more backscatter without it, but I still got plenty
> because the servers which got the email in the first place didn't
> check SPF to see that it wasn't coming from me. The sadly funny time
> was when I got backscatter from a server with an accompanying message
> of "this email failed SPF so it probably didn't come from you, but
> just to be safe I'm returning it to you anyway" - great, thanks.
> DKIM would have the same issue - doesn't mean anything if the other
> folks don't check it.
> Steve