Thanks for your answer the spamd -L was bad, without everything works fine,
especially the NixSpam plugin!

After your and Anthonys last mail I understand the reason for the different
scores in the output. Of course the lower score was already in the mail, don't
forget I took a scanned mail from the imap directory.
The lower score cames from the spamd -L (no network test), the higher score came
from "spamassassin < 2701." with network test.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks to all for your help!

Best regards,


Btw: Slox means Suse Linux Enterprise with OpenExchange.

Jonas Eckerman wrote:
> age85 wrote:
>> we have a default slox 9 installation, please have a look at the attached
>> output. We can see two different spam scores in one message.

> I can't see that you get two scores in one message in the output you
> attached.
> You atteched *one* multipart message. That single message only had one
> score, 14.5.
> One of the *parts* attached to the message is an message/rfc822 partr,
> which also happens to have a spam score. But this score has nothing to
> do with the encapsulating multipart message and should be ignored by
> anything filtering based on spam score.
> It looks like a system has flagged a message as spam based on the score
> 14.5, then built a completely new message that contains a spam report
> and the flagged message. The system probably did this because it as
> configured to do it.
> > We receive the message with the lower spam value in the header.

> Does this mean that you never received the message you included in your
> post?
> > What's the reason for this?

> Your system is probably configured to act like that. Since I have no
> idea what a default slox 9 installation is, I have no idea as to how
> your configuration looks.
> > What happens with the higher value?

> If you never receive mails with high scores they are probably rejected,
> discarded or bounced. Hopefully not bounced.
> Regards
> /Jonas