SM wrote:
> Hi Victor,
> At 21:40 09-04-2008, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> >This is the standard CommuniGate Pro "Received:" header.
> >When HELO matches the hostname, this header always looks this way,
> >with the word "verified" added to it.

> SpamAssassin is not parsing that "Received:" header as one with a
> hostname which has been "verified".
> >When HELO does not match the hostname, the header looks different:
> >
> >Received: from [] (HELO
> > by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 5.1.13)
> > with ESMTP id 9853037 for; Thu, 10 Apr 2008
> >11:26:20 +0700

> That's the only CommuniGate Pro Received header format parsed currently.
> >Neither. It's a feature. Perhaps we need a patch for

> Yes. See attached patch.

Your patch has applied cleanly.

whitelist_from_rcvd now works, but not quite in the manner I have
expected. In fact, it works only if the relay is NOT in the
trusted_networks list.

I wonder if this is by design. In my opinion, whitelisting should
always work.

> Post a bug report about the CommuniGate Pro Received header not being
> parsed correctly.

I will as soon as the trusted_networks issue is cleared.

Victor Sudakov, VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN