On 08.04.08 10:52, DAve wrote:
> We recently upgraded to SA 3.2.4 and are experiencing much slower
> processing. After watching my rule hits for a few days I would like to
> remove some rules (set score to 0) to gain back some speed.
> Ami I correct in believing that the below rules will not be run and no
> lookup will be made if skip_rbl_checks is set to 1? Looking at my
> dnscache I think this is true.

if you want to turn those off, simply disable network rules. Many rules have
different scores when used with network and without it, and simply disabling
network rules would increase FN (maybe even FP) rate for you.

However, if you can afford it, do run those tests. They are much effective
than most of static rules in SA. They don't take much CPU time, just some
network traffic and a few seconds more. And they increase efficiency very

> I would also like to not run the following rules, they hit, but in less
> than 1% of my spam do they make any difference. The lookups are not
> worth it, at least not for our mail, not today. That all may change. I
> am assuming I will need to set each one to zero to stop any lookups?

those were network too.

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