On 06/04/2008, Matt Kettler wrote:
> Juan Miscaro wrote:
> > Hi, I recently activated URIDNSBL and my scores went through the roof.
> >
> > I'm a little worried about it.
> >
> > So first, is this method a recommended in the SA community?
> >
> >

> Given that it is on by default in all versions of spamassassin from 3.0.0
> onward, calling it recommended would be an understatement. Yes, it's
> recommended.

OK, nice.

> You seem concerned about scores, but is it just jacking up your average
> spam score, or are you having false positive problems?

I never get FP.

> > And secondly, how can I mod down the (high) scores I'm seeing? I
> > tried this in my local.cf file but it was ignored:
> >
> > score URIBL_SBL 1.0
> >
> >

> Do you use spamd? did you restart it? (spamd only reads .cf and .pre files
> on startup)

I use SA in conjunction with amavisd-new. So there answer to your
question is, I'm not sure.

> Are you sure you've got the right directory local.cf?

Yes, I have other stuff in there.