On 06.04.2008 03:26 CE(S)T, Matt Kettler wrote:
> Yves Goergen wrote:
>>> Just remember to su to that user when running sa-learn.

>> This is getting a problem now! My spamd user has no access on the
>> mailbox directories from which I am usually learning. What's the
>> proposed solution for that?

> The "new fangled" way would be to use spamc for learning instead of
> sa-learn.
> If you start spamd with the --allow-tell parameter, you can the use
> spamc -L ham, spamc -L spam or spamc -L forget on the message, and it
> will pass it to spamd for learning.

Thank you again for that. It works almost perfectly. spamc is supposed
to return a value of 5 or 6 when it's done, but it always returns 0
(says my script). But I can also live with the message spamc prints out,
reading that it was successful or the message was already known.

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