dooley2 wrote:
> it is a spam assassin proxy, for windows.
> respectfully, why would I post the question here unless it had something to
> do with spam assassin?

Well, true.. however, from your post it wasn't possible to determine
much about your setup. It also wasn't even clear you were using SA at
all, but I assumed you were.

(Note: most folks here, unless you specify otherwise, are going to
assume you're using SpamAssassin on a unix-like platform with a MTA or
MDA layer integration, because that's what's common. It was clear from
your post that's not what you're doing, but it also wasn't possible to
tell what you are using.)

Regardless, without knowing what proxy I don't think anyone could be of
much help. After all, you problem isn't with the SA code, it's with the
proxy code. That's very specific to what proxy you're using.

All I could tell you would be a broad generic statement like "the pop3
password should work, dono why it doesn't". That's not very informative.


That said, based on the version number you posted, I *think* you're
using SAwin32, which is one of the many proxies mentioned above.

Since this is really a feature of the proxy part of the code, not the SA
part of the code, you might try their forums:

Someone here might be able to help, but there are not many folks on this
list using proxies.