dooley2 wrote:
> heoo all,
> installed current win version on an xp box, using last paid version of
> eudora, inserted "" in place of POP3 mail server as advised in
> manual, but eudora wants a password every time one changes a server
> name.....and I cannot find one that works.
> meaning, I am the admin on this machine, tried my log on (in windows
> password) and it doesn't work....tried the pop 3 password (which works with
> normal setttings) for the server and it doesn't work either. in both cases,
> eudora never completes the log in via the spam assassin proxy, to get my
> mail.
> what, please, should I do?

Could you at least tell us what proxy you're using, or how this relates
to SpamAssassin ? (SpamAssassin isn't a proxy, but could be hacked into one)