> > don't modify "standard" rule files.
> >
> > instead, create a /path/to/site/rules/scores.cf (same directory where
> > you have local.cf) and override the scores there (use a 0 score to
> > disable a test). look at 50_scores.cf to get an idea.
> >
> > I hope you have valid reasons to disable network tests. they are
> > really useful.

On 04.04.08 12:59, Robert - elists wrote:
> I am not concerned with URI tests, I am concerned with dns RBL tests.

Why not using the skip_rbl_checks option then?

> We already have them off by default as we have another rbl checking system
> before it hits SA.
> Much more effective to reject there.

SA checks more blacklist and they can change. IT also checks IP's in
Received: headers so it can check different thing you are checking.

I think, even if you do RBL checks on different place, you can still use
them in SA
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