On 05.04.2008 01:18 CE(S)T, Matt Kettler wrote:
> Spamd will never be able to access anything in /root/. 3.1.8 shouldn't
> have been able to do so any more than 3.2.4 could, but that might have
> been a bug..

Must have been a bug, yes.

> If you're always scanning mail as one user, you can create a
> non-privileged user account and pass that after the -u parameter to
> either spamd (ie: in your startup script) or to spamc (ie: in your
> scan-time calls).

Okay, that works. I've created a new user+group with its own home
directory, moved the .spamassassin directory from /root into there,
chown'ed it and then started spamd again.

> Just remember to su to that user when running sa-learn.

This is getting a problem now! My spamd user has no access on the
mailbox directories from which I am usually learning. What's the
proposed solution for that?

>> What's the problem? Before the upgrade, I removed all traces from SA
>> on the system (locate & rm -rf).

> That was probably unnecessary.. SA will blow itself away if it's already
> present when you go to install it. The only time you run into trouble is
> if you change the PREFIX, and end up with one installed in /usr/ and the
> other in /usr/local.

Switching from CPAN to the tarball, I wasn't sure if this would change.

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