Hi, everybody (but specially developers). I've been running a sitewide
Bayes setup for almost three years, with a wonderful result. Along
with that, I report spam messages to my local spamassassin setup (and
some to spamcop) via a web interface (embedded in our Webmail).

From the last training run I did, emerged an idea: would it be nice to
have some sort of "weighted" reporting? i.e. since every user in my
systems can report an email as spam (and some of them even do it with
our internal community mailing), would it be possible to define some
sort of administrative users which would have a higher impact on
training the Bayes database? I mean, if a user has a history of be a
responsible reporter, his/her trained messages would improve Bayesian
filtering. This came to my mind from looking at the debug ouptut of
the reporting process, in which it mentions the choosing of a default

I'm no Perl developer (or anything closer to that), so I don't know if
this is possible (or if it would fit SA's devel line), but I tought it
would be nice sharing this idea.

Anyway, thanks everybody for such an amazing job.


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