> don't modify "standard" rule files.
> instead, create a /path/to/site/rules/scores.cf (same directory where
> you have local.cf) and override the scores there (use a 0 score to
> disable a test). look at 50_scores.cf to get an idea.
> I hope you have valid reasons to disable network tests. they are
> really useful.


I wouldn't

I am not concerned with URI tests, I am concerned with dns RBL tests.

We already have them off by default as we have another rbl checking system
before it hits SA.

Much more effective to reject there.

I just need to know where all the dns RBL tests are and if they are just in
one file, or many.

It appears just one file.

Once I know that, then I can search out all the scoring issues and zero them
out in local.cf or something that would not get overwritten on update.


- rh