SM wrote:
> "The rules catch spam. If your email isn't spam, you shouldn't be
> matching the rules. Even if you do hit an occasional rule, unless your
> email actually is spam, it shouldn't score high enough to be a problem."
> If you are looking for an explanation on how to bypass the rules, you
> won't find them in the documentation. What you have on the web page I
> mentioned is advice to avoid false positives. I'll sum it up as don't
> worry and be honest.


That said, it may be worth reminding "honest" senders that there are
good practices to follow. for example
- Send valid mail (there seems to be too many borked webapps sending
- if you want to send html, tell the recipient and get his agreement.
- you should not send pure html. it is also good to put more or less the
same content in the text part (instead of "your mailer doesn't support
html" or "this message is in html format" ... which may be judged as

and of course, in "emailing" as in other areas, good intentions aren't
enough, even if the pave the path to shell ;-p

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