Hi Mark,
At 05:09 03-04-2008, Mark Martinec wrote:
>Does anyone have operational experience with a scheme of labeling
>envelope sender addresses to recognize legitimate bounces to own mail,
>such as the BATV scheme (Bounce Address Tag Validation):
> http://mipassoc.org/batv/
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/batv-milter
>What does such a scheme break? Do any mailing list management sw

As someone else pointed out, it can be a problem if the receiving end
implements greylisting. It may also be a problem if mail from the
domain doesn't always go through the outbound servers that do the
tagging. You might also run into problems if the receiving end does
any validation based on the envelope sender.

If your mail server is overwhelmed by bounces, BATV can help to
reduce the load as, unlike SPF, it doesn't rely on the other end
implementing the technology.