On Tue, April 1, 2008 20:17, Diego Pomatta wrote:
> Roman Serbski escribió:
>> How do I configure SA to whitelist particular recipient's
>> email address? I mean if someone is sending a message to my local
>> email address I want SA to either not scan it or give it less score
>> (whitelisting?). At the same time, the scoring for the whole domain
>> will remain the same.

> To whitelist a particular email address you need to add a line like:
> whitelist_from somemailbox@somedomain.com

whitelist_from is not recipient

whitelist_to is

i dont know if that will match envelope_to ? and not to ?

and adjust the score on the whitelist so it will not score to much

else use more_spam_to

perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf to see more options

i will make a bug on whitelist_from since its more or less not usefull spam
usage to use, any spammer can forge you to belive spamassassin is not that

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