Henrik K wrote:
> You are missing the point. It doesn't matter if it's not bringing _you_
> anything. The correct method is External. If you don't have any extra
> trusted_networks set, it works identically no matter which you use. But for
> those who want to do something that's documented and correct, it needs to be
> External.

I want to check the rdns and helo of the host that injected mail to my
registrar MX. the *-External pseudo-header starts with my registrar hop.
the *-Untrusted one starts with the hop I want to check. In short, with
-D, *-Untrusted fires while *-External does not. I get:

X-Spam-Relays-Untrusted: [ ip= rdns= helo=foo
.... ] [ ...


X-Spam-Relays-External: [ ip= rdns=relay.friend.example
helo=relay.friend.example ... ] ....
[ ip= rdns= helo=foo ...

with *-Untrusted, I can easily get the first hop ( with
*-External, I can't because it's inside (and the number of hops varies,
so I can't just count the brakets).