On Wednesday 19 March 2008 20:48:00 Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> For those that don't run SA 3.2.3, you could test this rule:
> uri CST_URI_BLOGSPOT m,http://\w+\.blogspot\.com\b,
> describe CST_URI_BLOGSPOT blogspot.com throwaway URI
> score CST_URI_BLOGSPOT 3.4

thanks Mike, does that match bloglinks like myblog.blogspot.com/myentryxy ?
if not it might be fine for around 1.0 points imo. i have sare_oem on 3.0=20
becouse our entire company runs linux, so we don't talk about windows=20
software anyway :P
i'd prefer a working uribl though
best regards/Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen
Arvid Ephraim Picciani