OK, I didn't get any responses to the question I posted late yesterday
(hint, hint), but I'll give it a try with another question. I've just
gotten sa-update running. I'm grabbing the base set, sare, and sought.

My mail log is showing the following:

Mar 13 15:46:11 eclogite mimedefang-multiplexor[7518]: [ID 980602
mail.info] Slave 3 stderr: config: path
"/var/lib/spamassassin/3.002004/languages" is inaccessible: Permission

(I'm running spamassassin out of mimedefang from sendmail)

I was thinking I had an issue with the ownership of the directory
structure, etc. But, on looking again, I realized there is no
"languages" file. If I look at my spamassassin source directory, I have
../rules/languages. But in /var/lib/spamassassin, there is no languages
file to be found anywhere. So, what caused this discrepency? And what
should I do about it? Just copy over the file from the source tree?

(Oh, and [yeah, I know, I said it already] it would be really cool if
someone could comment on the errors I posted yesterday 8-)
http://marc.info/?l=spamassassin-use...6116127488&w=2 ).



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