Spam Admin wrote:
> I have two mail servers running Spamassassin. One is running 3.1.9 and
> the other 3.2.4, both with the same set of local rules, plus the
> standard rules that come with each version.
> The 'load' on the processors for 3.2.4 is about *4 times more *than the
> 'load' on 3.1.9.

I'm assuming the hardware is something resembling identical? Otherwise
it's really hard to compare.

-> CPU speed?
-> Memory?
-> SA child limit parameters?

3.2 sucks down more memory than 3.1; if the hardware is identical but
the machine running 3.1 shows a small swap usage, the 3.2 machine is
likely hitting swap a lot harder, causing your high load.

> Do others have the same problem? Is this a typical change between the
> pre 3.2.x versions and the current version?

I don't know about 4x from 3.1.x to 3.2.x, but I certainly avoided
upgrading from (patched-for-URI-RBLs) 2.64 for a LONG time because of
the memory load of 3.x.

Of course, more rules means more CPU load, but the memory load was a far
larger problem for me; any more memory use on the old machine would
have pushed the system into swap, which would have *really* killed