On Thu, March 13, 2008 13:16, romanovsky wrote:

> SpamAssassin: 3.0.3-2


> Problem description:
> user@domain sends a ham message to himself (i.e. From:==To:==user@domain).
> Autowhiltelisting mechanism adds user@domain to the whiltelist.

why is whitelistning of your own mail needed ?

> A spammer sends spam to user@domain from forged address user@domain.
> Spam gets through with USER_IN_WHITELIST rule.
> The question is: how to disable autowhiltelisting in case of From:==To:?

remove whitelist_from
enable AWL pluging


more in detail with AWL

you send mail with will be recorded in AWL db with from, ip, score

when a spammer users YOUR email it will be recorded with from, ip, score

ip will most time stop the spammer here :-)

> Thanks for your help.

no problem

Benny Pedersen
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