Hungry Snail wrote:
> Site-wide is what i'm trying to setup, I guess i need to do some more
> googling

assuming you're using db_file not SQL:

First create a path where you want your bayes DB to live, make that
directory world RWX. (ie: chmod 0777)

in your /etc/mail/spamassassin/

bayes_path /bayes
bayes_file_mode 0777

Gotchas people often run into:

1) DO NOT use that directory for anything else. If there are any other
files starting with "bayes_" it will screw up the file locking.
2) bayes_path doesn't actually specify a path, it's a path plus partial
filename. You NEED the extra /bayes on the end, this is part of the
filenames being used by SA to create it's database files. SA will append
_seen, _toks, etc as needed to create bayes_seen (seen message
database), bayes_toks (token database).
3) Yes the mode needs to be 0777 not 0666, as it is sometimes used in
creating directories. Really, bayes_mode is a mask, not an explicit
mode. It will not create it's db files with the X bit, even if this is
set to 0777.