ItsMikeE wrote:

> I have been running this rule for a day now, and am trapping=20
> the spams with rules 1 and 2.

I too just started running these rules, but noticed there were a lot
more NICE_GIRL_02's than NICE_GIRL_01's being hit (about twice as many
of the former).

I think you need to change:

body NICE_GIRL_01 /Hello! I am (?:bored|tired)


body NICE_GIRL_01 /Hello! I am (?:bored|tired) (?:today|this

(ie add a after the word "this").

to catch them all.

NICE_GIRL_01 was only catching:

Hello! I am bored today.
Hello! I am bored tonight.
Hello! I am tired today.
Hello! I am tired tonight.

But none of the afternoon/evening variations.

- jim -