dougp23 wrote:
> Hi. Running SA 3.1.8
> Would like to move to a newer version for a few reasons...
> Anyways the 3.2.3 version looks compelling, but I use a mailserver called
> Scalix. It uses Sendmail as its engine. But each X-Spam header shows this:
> rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=34757,

Erm.. What's that generated by? That's not SpamAssassin...
> Which makes me think that for my mailserver, ALL email appears to originate
> from the localhost. In fact, under 3.1.8, I once tried to set the network
> ignore option to, and all spam immediately was let through.

Well, even if SpamAssassin trusts a host, and all the hosts involved in
handling a message, it will still scan it. You'll just see the
ALL_TRUSTED rule fire off. That reduces the score a little, but not
enough that you'd be missing all spam..

Your problem is more compressive, as it sounds like email isn't even
being scanned by SA.

Is there a spamassassin generated X-Spam-Status with a list of rule hits
on those spam emails?

> Just wondering if I am missing something or do I just utilize a flaky
> mailserver, lol!