Drew Burchett writes:
> I've noticed a new trend in spam on my mail server that is getting by
> SpamAssassin. The spammer is creating his message and then attach a
> couple of garbage PDFs to the email. These PDFs make it too large for
> SpamAssassin to scan the message, so it gets by the system. I have
> tried turning up the size so SpamAssassin will scan it, but it takes WAY
> too long to scan a message. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I
> could catch/scan these messages without putting too much of a load on
> SpamAssassin?


Our size limit is based on the concept that a spammer can send a certain
number of spams of 5k in size in a certain amount of time, but if they
were to raise that to 500k in order to evade our limit, they'd have to
reduce their output by 99%. This is obviously unattractive to spammers.
So far it's worked, but maybe one spammer is now judging this to be
an acceptable tradeoff.

Could you open a bug at http://bugzilla.spamassassin.org/ and attach some
sample spam messages to it? I haven't seen any of these (yet).