Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> On 11.03.08 12:16, Jay Langley wrote:
>> Below I have offered the content of my spam score report generated by
>> Spam Assassin. We are Kintera subscribers. Problem is I don't know
>> how to make changes in the text that will result in a better score.

> you should turn on network rules, allow plugins and instal apropriate
> software (razor, pyzor, DCC). see *.pre settings in spamassassin config
> directory. Note that using some network checks (DCC, spamhaus filters)
> require additional steps when receiving many (>100k) mails per day.

my understanding is that he sends mail and wants to know how to get a
lower score. In other words, his question is "how to make sure my mail
won't be tagged as spam by others?".