Peter Kingsbury wrote:
> Hello,
> Since installing SpamAssassin on my company=92s Exchange server, I=20
> wanted to make kludging through potential spam/ham messages faster=20
> than using the slow remote desktop interface that is in place.
> I wrote a program which allows an admin to quickly scan SA-filtered=20
> messages, and move them to the Learn-Ham or Learn-Spam directories=20
> with single keystrokes. I have found the program quite useful, and=20
> want to share it (source and application) with whomever is interested.
> I coded the application in VB.NET using MS=92s free Visual Studio.NET=20
> Express 2008, so I guess it could be ported to other OS=92s that use=20
> Mono too. Not sure if it would be totally useful in that environment,=20
> but as I strongly believe in open source software, I want to=20
> contribute where I can.
> If you=92re interested, please drop me a line at=20
> Best regards,
> - Peter

Sincerely, thank you for this effort.

If you want to support OSS then why code it in a patent encumbered=20
language. I actually don't know what licenses the software uses, but I=20
do know that I would never ask my company to use it simply based on the=20
fact that I wouldn't want some patent issues creeping in.

Randy Ramsdell