jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
>>> P.S. your mail caused spamassassin to say
>>>> pts rule name description
>>>> ---- ----------------------
>>>> --------------------------------------------------
>>>> 4.2 FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK Forged mail pretending to be from MS
>>>> Outlook

> JB> Looks like your Spamassassin is wrong. I really use MS Outlook (Express).

Outlook != Outlook Express.

That said, the test is still misfiring for you. To dig out exactly why,
you'll have to dig down through the layers of meta tests that go into

That also looks like either a set0/set1 (no Bayes, IIRC) or a tweaked
score; I see a score of 3 (hard-set, in my case, but close to the stock
3.1 for set3) for a couple of messages I've got that triggered that rule
(along with BAYES_00 and ALL_TRUSTED, since the legit messages are all
internal staff emails... hmmm).

The other messages are all spam, scores ranging from 17 to 24+.