Penghui Wang wrote:
> Hello, list,
> I have tested three versions of SA. And found some special results.
> SA 3.0.5 (RPM from DAG)
> SA 3.1.7 (Debian Apt & RPM from DAG)
> SA 3.2.4 (RPM from DAG)
> In the default rule
> There are several lines like the follow
> header __HAS_SUBJECT exists:Subject
> describe MISSING_SUBJECT Missing Subject: header
> In the VERSION 3.0.5 and 3.2.4, i found whether or not the mail have a
> "Subject" in the header part, the MISSING_SUBJECT rules has been hitted.
> But in the last version 3.1.7, it works great.
> And the same condition with other similar rules, such as __HAS_REVD,
> __HAS_RECEIVED etc..
> I have diged this for about one day. But there's no result. Does
> anyone meet the same problem? Please drop me a message.\

It should work fine in any version that supports metas. (ie: anything
newer than 2.5x)

However, be aware it will only match a message with NO Subject: header.
It will NOT fire off for a message with an empty subject. There must be
no Subject: at all for the rule to work.