Marc Perkel wrote:
> Andrew Hearn wrote:
>> Blaine Fleming wrote:
>>> Slightly off-topic, but I'm curious, how many of you are using CRM114?
>>> How well does it work for you? Was it difficult to train? I've been
>>> looking at it and haven't found much except the official plugin guide
>>> and a single page saying that it works better than other learning
>>> methods. Any info would be appreciated.

>> Hello
>> I've only just started using it on a test server, I'll let you know how
>> I find the results!

> CRM114? What's that? Can't quite figure out what it does. Is it a pony?
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now, if he had said sec or mon, I could see the point of asking back to
the list. But, crm114 gives you all you need in the first few hits on
the google parade.


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