On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 02:44:02PM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
> On a new mailserver with 8Gb ram and 2xdual-core CPU's we get regular
> messages in the log:
> Feb 28 12:52:43 mail2 spamd[32558]: prefork: child states: BIBBB
> Feb 28 12:52:44 mail2 spamd[459]: rules: failed to run TVD_STOCK1 test, skipping:
> Feb 28 12:52:44 mail2 spamd[459]: (child processing timeout at /usr/sbin/spamd line 1246.
> Feb 28 12:52:44 mail2 spamd[459]: )
> And every time it involves TVD_STOCK1.
> Is this a bug in Spamassassin or in the rule? How do I fix it?
> Version: 3.2.3-0.volatile1 (on Debian Stable).
> Defaults: OPTIONS="--create-prefs --max-children 15 --helper-home-dir"

I have seen no reaction to the message quoted here.

After a "score TVD_STOCK1 0" the "child processing timeout" messages
stopped, but exim is still complaining from time to time (11 times so
far today and 239 times yesterday):

error reading from spamd socket: Connection timed out

In /var/log/mail.info the message "prefork: server reached
--max-children setting, consider raising it" appeared 188 times
yesterday and 27 times today in the logs on the new server
(spamassassin version 3.2.3-0.volatile1) with the --max-children 15
setting. On the older server (--max-children 5 and version
3.0.3-2sarge1) that has handled about double the numer of emails
during the past 24 hours no such problem was reported either by exim
or spamassassin.

That does not make sense to me unless there is some bug in the newer
version of Spamassassin.

Any idea on what is going on here?

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