Hello ,

I have SA running smoothly, but as Im adding rules/plugins I trying
figure out one thing.
As I find in list , SA is running multiple tests in parralel so its
hard to make some "order" what rule use as first.
However, lets say I have some rule or plugin which is setup to hit
only 100% spam message (for examlpe subject balcklist) - is there any
option to put in it top ?
Im trying to avoid netwrok test, because if alerady I hit subject
line, its not neccessary run network tests.

Any idea ? Im not epecting that I can make order 1/2/3/4.. but at
least something like
if body_tests hit = stop
and so on.
As I found via priority I can set some priority but cannot set order
, so I will stop on rule which is already at the end of scan.

thank you for any ideas


Best regards,
Peter mailtoeter.mikeska@gmail.com