Daryl C. W. O'Shea wrote:
> On 29/02/2008 1:18 AM, devi_sreem wrote:
>> I am running spamd. When a mail is being sent to mail account
>> postmaster@sreedevi.com it is automatically taking the user qscand, as you
>> know it the user is of qmail scanner.

> Oh yeah, qmail scanner. Sorry, I won't touch that -- I'm not sure if
> it'll do per-user prefs or not. You may want to look for help on the
> qmail-scanner-general list or wait a few hours for someone here to help
> (or point you at that list).

Agreed, however, the important point is:

Spamd does not, and will not attempt to "figure out" what user to run as
using the email contents. It never has, and likely never will. (if
nothing else, consider that it would have to scan the headers twice to
do this, and at that it could only look at the To: header, which may not
be the true recipient.)

spamd is told what user to scan as by whatever client connects to it. If
qmail scanner is always passing qscand, then spamd will always use qscand.

The qmail-scanner FAQ claims that qmail-scanner will call spamc with the
-u parameter set to the rcpt to address, however that doesn't look like
it's happening. There's nothing in your SA config that would cause spamd
to default to the qscand user, so either the -u parameter is missing, or
it's not getting the rcpt to address passed to it. Either way, spamd is
being told to use qscand, the big question is why, and that's a question
for a qmail-scanner expert.

*What about per-user SpamAssassin configs?*. Q-S calls spamc as "|spamc
-c -u |" i.e. "username" is the recipient email address. This
means the recipient is passed to spamd - and so you can do per-user
options. Note that this only happens when there is /one/ recipient. If
you are running spamd with a SQL backend, or the "-x
--virtual-config-dir" option, then this should allow you to do per-user
SA settings. See SA documentation for how to configure spamd accordingly