On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 18:59 -0800, Shanx wrote:
> Karsten Bräckelmann wrote:

That name's fine.

> > Did you by any chance "edit" your post?

> No, I clicked the Resend button. Not Nabble's fault. The SA mailing list
> says on its page that posting from Nabble without registering for the list
> is fine. But it's not. I need to register, then I can use the Nabble
> interface. So I registered and then posted the message again. If there's a
> fault, it's mine (based on the confusing info on the SA list page), not
> Nabble's.

I see. So the first post has been moderated or just let through without
subscription, and you actually did not need to subscribe and resend.
Dunno. The web page may need updating then.

> Anyway, any helpful advice on the problem I'm facing with SA? It's not
> reading my local.cf settings. How can I change that behavior? I am on CentOS
> if that helps. Thanks for any pointers!

I'm sorry, not by me. I have never used CPanel, and am not familiar with
the setup nor the options available.

The only hint I might possibly provide is the general "did you restart
the service", if you're running any, after changing settings?


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