On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 16:48 -0800, Shanx wrote:
> Karsten Bräckelmann-2 wrote:

Ye flippin gods, my "Nabble name" for this email address. Damn, why
don't they just accept that my real name does not have any number in it?

> > They don't understand the very basics of email. They just managed
> > *again* to send the very same Message-Id *twice*. Yeah, the Nabble folks

FWIW, an issue I am currently discussing with the Nabble folks. And so
far, they seem to listen. We'll see, how this goes. OT anyway.

> Anyway, my note was posted twice not by Nabble but my the mailing list.

This is NOT true.

Please don't claim something like this, if you didn't check the facts.
While the Message-Id is identical, both the *MUA* generated Date header
as well as the first Nabble internal Received header DO show DIFFERENT

Did you by any chance "edit" your post?


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