Rubin Bennett wrote:
> the lack of information relevant to
> this mailing list and it's source prompted me to send perhaps a stronger
> response than was necessary.

This is the SpamAssassin users list. For people who are using SpamAssassin
and having trouble with it.

My post was absolutely within the remit of this list. And I provided as much
information as I thought was relevant, including the header tags added by
SA, the file, the user_prefs setting. If some more information was
necessary for you to helpful, then pray do ask. No point going into a
tangential rant.

FWIW, Nabble sends all emails ONCE (as the mailing list would). It does not
cross post (nor would the mailing list). It maintains a thread of the
conversation (as would the mailing list mails if you used an intelligent
reader such as Gmail). I'm not sure what your little ramble is about but it
sure doesn't belong here. Write to Nabble or the SA list admin and express
your frustrations.

Anyway, I'd love to hear thoughts from anyone about my original post. I am
on CentOS. SA has been installed using WHM (Cpanel) but I don't mind
tinkering with it from the console. Basically, the settings are not
being picked up. How should I tell SA to read the config file as specified?

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