On Tue, 2008-02-19 at 16:49 -0800, Evan Platt wrote:
> At 06:39 AM 2/19/2008, Rubin Bennett wrote:
> >If you want to post to this list, please subscribe like a regular user,
> >and do your research first before you post. Nabble, in a word, sucks.
> >It fences your posts as being from a subscribed address when in fact
> >it's not, and Nabble is not a forum at all, but an interface to a
> >mailing list with thousands of users, none of whom are here to answer
> >questions that are completely irrelevant to the actual content of the
> >mailing list.

> I agree. Nabble is like Google Groups.
> Contact them, tell them they don't have permission to archive your
> posts. I've done that. If enough people do....

I would like to put this thread to rest. I have contacted the OP
privately, explaining my position and why I sent the response I did. I
did not mean to start a flame war - the lack of information relevant to
this mailing list and it's source prompted me to send perhaps a stronger
response than was necessary. My comment about Nabble was, as a few of
you have pointed out, neither informative or helpful, so my apologies to
the list for that part of my post.

My real gripe with the original post stands: The OP didn't preface the
post as being Off Topic, and didn't let us know that they had in fact
already done a fair bit of research into the issue they were
experiencing or what that research entailed. That was information that
should have been included, and would have resulted in all of our being
well and prepared to help in any way we could; after all, we've all been
there many times ourselves.

To the list admins, I certainly didn't mean for my post to be
interpreted as my trying to muscle in on making list policy.

Thank you,

Rubin Bennett
RB Technologies

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary security deserve neither liberty nor safety"
--Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759