Am/On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:49:34 -0800 schrieb/wrote Evan Platt:

>At 06:39 AM 2/19/2008, Rubin Bennett wrote:
>>If you want to post to this list, please subscribe like a regular user,
>>and do your research first before you post. Nabble, in a word, sucks.
>>It fences your posts as being from a subscribed address when in fact
>>it's not, and Nabble is not a forum at all, but an interface to a
>>mailing list with thousands of users, none of whom are here to answer
>>questions that are completely irrelevant to the actual content of the
>>mailing list.

>I agree. Nabble is like Google Groups.
>Contact them, tell them they don't have permission to archive your
>posts. I've done that. If enough people do....

you can do that by yourself by adding an additional header to your mails =

X-No-Archive: yes

but btw this ranting was neither help nor useful.

Thanks and all the best