> I've actually been running this set of 5 rules on several of the ISP
> mail systems I've got my fingers in (watch for line wrap, sorry):
> # "Nice girl" wants to send pics, but only if you email the address in
> the body
> # start scoring at .5, see how that whacks'em.
> body NICE_GIRL_01 /Hello! I am (?:bored|tired) (?:today|this
> (?:afternoon|evening)|tonight)\./
> describe NICE_GIRL_01 Nice girls don't spam
> score NICE_GIRL_01 0.8
> body NICE_GIRL_02 /I am nice girl that would like to chat with
> you\./
> describe NICE_GIRL_02 Nice girls don't spam
> score NICE_GIRL_02 0.8
> body NICE_GIRL_03 /Email me at [^\s]{,74} only, because I am
> writing not from my personal email\./
> describe NICE_GIRL_03 Nice girls don't spam
> score NICE_GIRL_03 0.8
> # not actually the same spam, but same class/type
> body NICE_GIRL_04 /I will respond right away and send a pic and
> some of my info right away/
> score NICE_GIRL_04 0.8
> describe NICE_GIRL_04 Nice girls don't spam
> body NICE_GIRL_05 /Reply to me and tell me about yourself if

> want to chat/
> score NICE_GIRL_05 0.8
> describe NICE_GIRL_05 Nice girls don't spam

> body NICE_GIRL_01 /Hello! I am (?:bored|tired) (?:today|this
> (?:afternoon|evening)|tonight)\./

Forgive my ignorance, but what does the question mark and colon do at
the start of the brackets? I have (bored|tired) in my own rules, so how
does (?:bored|tired) affect the outcome?