Sean Kennedy wrote:
> Sorry for replying to my own topic, but I've figured out what's
> causing it to go so slow.
> It's the rules in from
> This ruleset works fine in 3.1, I'm not sure why it doesn't in 3.2,
> any insight?

Quite frankly, I'm surprised it worked in 3.1.

My guess is that something about the URI processing code changed in 3.2
to be less efficient when massively overloaded with rules. That's not
too surprising, as a lot of ways of optimizing performance for a
moderate sized set of operations perform horribly when presented with
absurdly large ones (and generally vice versa.. algorithms best at large
sets tend to have lots of setup, and perform poorly with small sets..).

ie: the shell sort is one of the fastest sorting algorithms for small
sets, but is really slow for large sets.

Of course, I'm purely pontificating here, however it would not surprise
me to discover an optimization of SA causes worse performance when
strained this way.

besides, sa-blacklist is 100% redundant with the WS list of,
which is supported over DNS in SA by default.