Jeff Chan wrote:
> Also, the sa-blacklist inclusion policy is at:

Yes. It's unfortunate that many that use sa-blacklist fail to read this
policy carefully.

Many folks seem to mis-read:


In short, I want this list to be a list of domains, hosts, and
IP addresses used exclusively by companies that spam.

Note that's not "companies that exclusively spam". If Will's gotten UBE
(and possibly just UE, no bulk required) of any sort from your domain,
you're listed. However, it would appear he's at least got some
anti-joejob code, which is good, but it does sound a lot like a spamtrap
could be an exclusive justification. (ie: it came to my spamtrap,
therefore by definition it's unsolicited).

A casual inspection of the list reveals several large companies that
have email newseltters. It's UBE, it got to his spamtrap, it's listed.
ie: experian is listed. Even has it in a whitelist, and I
presume SURBL does too. Too many FP's there, but not for the raw feed