Jari Fredriksson wrote:
> AWL should be renamed ABL, if it can produce such scores. Must be
> pain.

It is not well named, but think of it as a score balancer. It attempts
to adjust the score towards the average score seen previously for a
sender. If someone who has sent good mail in the past sends something
that looks like spam, the AWL will add a negative score. If a spammer
sends a non-spammy email, it will get a positive score.

It is very unusual to see a score that large. In order for AWL to
produce that score, there had to have been at least one previous message
from the same sender that scored even higher than that *without* the
help of AWL. Did you receive a Gtube email or two from that sender
while doing testing (gtube scores at 1000)?

If this is only affecting one sender, you can just clean out his AWL
entry as suggested previously. If it is affecting more than one sender,
you may want to erase the AWL and start over.