Jeff Chan wrote:
> Quoting Per Jessen :
>> Matt Kettler wrote:
>>>> For some reason one of my domains has all of a sudden been listed in
>>>> the above listed db. Which is rather ironic since there are only 3
>>>> active accounts at this domain. 1 used for a couple of mailing lists,
>>>> 1 - postmaster (inbound email only) and 1 domain contact address for
>>>> domains (also inbound only).
>>> This really shouldn't matter.. *NOBODY* should be using this list.
>>> It's too large and too hardware intensive, and too inaccurate to be
>>> useful.

>> I don't use it, but it could very easily be turned into an rbldnsd
>> format list - I'm surprised nobody's done that yet. (assuming there's
>> some actual use for the list).

> sa-blacklist is the basis of

No it's not.. well, not really.. surbl's WS is based on
sa-blacklist-uri. That's got the same email stream as sa-blacklist, but
the information gathered is different.
> sa-blacklist is deprecated. Use SURBLs instead.

sa-blacklist has always been impractical by design ( it blacklists from
addresses, not URIs).

However, the OP's problem isn't that he's using sa-blacklist, it's that
someone he's trying to email is using it, and his domain is listed.