Matt Kettler wrote:
> Dale's Stuff wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Trying to figure out what the criteria is for getting a domain listed
>> in sa-blacklist.current, and more importantly how to be de-listed.

> List: AFAIK, you only need to be the From: address on spam sent to one
> of Will Stern's spamtrap.

isn't this a bit risky? exceptionally if the address shown at bottom of is used as a trap...

> [snip]
>> ---
>> Site ( said in response to MAIL FROM (550
>> Banned from ( sa-blacklist.current)
>> ---

> Wow, someone is actually running that file... what a nice
> self-inflicted DOS.

I guess it could be used as an access table on the MTA, which thanks to
hashing or the like, shouldn't be too expensive.